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14-12-17 | Academic article published: Understanding old-age adaptation policies ›

In December 2017, an article has been published in Ageing and Society by Jelle Lössbroek, Bram Lancee, Tanja van der Lippe and Joop Schippers. The full title is: Understanding old-age adaptation policies in Europe: the influence of profit, principles and pressures.

22-11-17 | Conference: Dutch Demography Day ›

On November 22, 2017, the annual Dutch Demography Day was held in Utrecht. This conference is organised by the Netherlands Demographic Society (NVD);it was attended in various roles by Sustainable Workforce's Katia Begall, Leonie van Breeschoten, Jelle Lössbroek and Jornt Mandemakers.


9-10-17 | Our project PhDs present at PhD-day of Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment ›

Nikki van Gerwen, Jelle Lössbroek, and Leonie van Breeschoten presented at this day organized by the ministry in order to encourage the sharing of knowledge between PhD-candidates and policy-makers.

5-9-17 | Sustainable Workforce presented at ECSR conference in Milan ›

Jelle Lössbroek and Leonie van Breeschoten, two of Sustainable Workforce’s PhD’s candidates, went to Milan end of August to present their research at the yearly conference of the European Consortium for Sociological Research (ECSR). 

15-6-17 | PhD student Leonie van Breeschoten in Stockholm ›

This spring Sustainable Workforce’s PhD researcher Leonie van Breeschoten went for two month to Stockholm University for a research visit.