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2-2-18 | Academic article published: Reasons to Reduce ›

Leonie van Breeschoten, Anne Roeters and Tanja van der Lippe just published their article "Reasons to Reduce: A Vignette-Experiment Examining Men and Women’s Considerations to Scale Back Following Childbirth" in Social Politics. 

18-1-18 | Cyprus meeting Cost Action ›

Sustainable Workforce’s Jelle Lössbroek became a Management Committee Member of COST Action IS 1409. COST Actions are funded by the European Union to promote transnational interdisciplinary collaboration: Action IS1409 is a European platform for researchers on the interrelations of gender, health and policies to extend working lives.


14-12-17 | Academic article published: Understanding old-age adaptation policies ›

In December 2017, an article has been published in Ageing and Society by Jelle Lössbroek, Bram Lancee, Tanja van der Lippe and Joop Schippers. The full title is: Understanding old-age adaptation policies in Europe: the influence of profit, principles and pressures.

22-11-17 | Conference: Dutch Demography Day ›

On November 22, 2017, the annual Dutch Demography Day was held in Utrecht. This conference is organised by the Netherlands Demographic Society (NVD);it was attended in various roles by Sustainable Workforce's Katia Begall, Leonie van Breeschoten, Jelle Lössbroek and Jornt Mandemakers.


9-10-17 | Our project PhDs present at PhD-day of Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment ›

Nikki van Gerwen, Jelle Lössbroek, and Leonie van Breeschoten presented at this day organized by the ministry in order to encourage the sharing of knowledge between PhD-candidates and policy-makers.