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18-12-15 | Happy Holidays! ›

The whole Sustainable Workforce team wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and productive 2016.

11-12-15 | Do women in top-level positions matter? ›

Tanja van der Lippe and Paul ’t Hart were granted a €200,000 subsidy by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) for their research proposal “Do women in top-level positions matter? Consequences of women in management positions for societal inequalities.” Together with a post-doc Van der Lippe and ‘t Hart will work on their research starting May 2016.

24-11-15 | Maike van den Berg explains her research for the Sustainable Workforce Project ›

Maike van den Berg works as Policy advisor & researcher at the Dutch Ministry of Finance, in her research she aims to gain more insight in the availability and use of pro health investments amongst employees.


6-11-15 | Work-Family Seminar: First presentation of paper well received ›

Last Thursday Leonie van Breeschoten presented the first draft of her article ‘Reasons to reduce: A vignette experiment examining men and women’s considerations to scale back following childbirth’ in the Work-Family Seminar in Utrecht. 

23-10-15 | Watch: reasons why we are conducting our research by Diana Dosik ›

In her talk, Diana Dosik beautifully illustrated the reasons why we are conducting our research. The Sustainable Workforce project is a first step towards understanding the needs of our workforce.