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19-1-17 | More fathers want to take an active part in child care

UK’s work-life charity Working Families recently published “The Modern Families Index 2017”. In a snapshot Working Families focuses on the increased interest from fathers who want to take an active part in child care.


Corresponding to a new study 47% of fathers surveyed would downshift into a less stressful job, 38% would take a pay-cut to improve work-life balance and even 70% would assess child care before a new job or promotion.

Even though the majority of fathers clearly prioritize their families, a lot of workplaces fail to support these interests. This results in stress, extra work in the evenings/weekends and a feeling of being burnt out.


If you want to read more about the key problem of workplace culture in the UK, the risk of a ‘fatherhood penalty’ which it brings with it and suggestions how to prevent it, you can read the full article here. If you are interested in The Modern Families Index 2017, you can download the report here.

Our researcher Leonie van Breeschoten is currently busy with the topic how work-family policies