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Ensuring the privacy of organizations, managers and employees is a very important issue. All responses will be processed anonymously and strictly confidentially. This way, individual employees, managers as well as organizations cannot be identified.



Each employee and (HR-)manager completes an online questionnaire working with a unique login code. This unique login code, which is converted into a respondent number, ensures that we are able to link the information received from organizations, their managers and their employees. Only members of the research team know which number corresponds to which organization, manager and employee. These data are protected and stored separately, and will never be provided to third parties. The data which will be made public, will not be traceable to individual employees, managers or to organizations. Furthermore, organizations nor managers have access to the responses given by their employees.


Code of Conduct

Our research is carried out according to scientific standards and is done fairly and objectively. Participants in this research will not suffer from adverse consequences. The Code of Conduct set by the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research and the Code of Conduct for the Use of Personal Data in Scientific Research (formulated by the Association of Dutch Universities, VSNU) guarantee that all data will be treated with the utmost care.


The Advisory Committee on Ethnical Issues of the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences (Utrecht University) states that no legal requirements under the Dutch law apply to the type of research as performed in the project Sustainable Workforce. The chosen methods for data collection and data storage are in accordance with the professional code for research in the field of sociology.