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Jelle Lössbroek MSc

Jelle Lössbroek started in the Sustainable Workforce team working as a PhD candidate at the Department of Sociology of Utrecht University in 2014. He was part of the Utrecht team designing and preparing the data collection in the first wave. In 2014-2015, he was country coordinator for datacollection in Germany and Finland.



Within the Sustainable Workforce project, Jelle Lössbroek focuses on the employability of older employees in Europe, studying the behavior of older workers and their employees regarding personnel policies. Central themes in his research include the interplay between employers and employees, ageist norms and attitudes, and human capital considerations. Through these angles, research is done on recruitment of older job candidates, implementation of personnel policies, uptake of personnel policies, and the consequences of participation in personnel policies. To facilitate international research collaboration on these topics, he became a Management Committee member of COST Action IS1409, a European research network on gender, health & extending working lives.

Jelle Lössbroek MSc


PhD student
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