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Leonie v. Breeschoten MSc

Leonie van Breeschoten has an MSc in International Crimes and Criminology (the interdisciplinary study of genocide and human rights) from VU University Amsterdam and obtained her BA in social science at University College Roosevelt, where she majored in sociology, international law and international relations.

As of September 2014 Leonie participates in the Sustainable Workforce project as a PhD candidate. In her research she focusses on organizational policies aimed at enabling employees to maintain a good balance between work and private life. More specifically, she aims to investigate the causes (what makes organizations and countries invest in work-life policies?), take up (what determines whether employees use these work-life policies?), and consequences of these policies (do they actually contribute to a sustainable workforce, namely satisfied and productive employees, profitable organizations, and a flourishing national economy?).

Leonie v. Breeschoten MSc


PhD student
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