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Nikki van Gerwen MSc

Nikki van Gerwen is working as a PhD candidate at the Department of Sociology and the Interuniversity Centre of for Social Science Theory and Methodology (ICS) at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. In 2014 she graduated from the Research master Sociology and Social Research. In her master thesis, she studied coordination problems in laboratory experiments.


As of September 2014, Nikki works for the Sustainable Workforce Project. Her project focuses on cooperative behaviors within organizations. More specifically, she examines if and under which conditions providing training can foster cooperative behaviors from and amongst employees. In her project, she elaborates theoretically on how providing training may affect the interdependencies between employers and employees in organizations and how these effects might depend on the characteristics of the employees and organizations involved. She combines different data collection methods, i.e. laboratory experiments, vignette experiments, and survey data in order to test the same mechanisms in different contexts.

Nikki van Gerwen MSc


PhD student
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